Sip & Sews

We’re offering basic sewing lessons to complete 1 or 2 projects in each class.  For beginners, learn how to make a pillow, pajama bottoms, home decor, etc. will be taught.  The same class for others who have sewing experience can make a cell phone case, backpack, purse etc.  Projects are always changing.

Classes are held Wednesday evenings 7-9pm and Saturdays 3-5pm.

There will be a total of 10 people per class, you can come yourself and join 9 others or have a complete party of 10.  The cost is $45 per person  which includes all the tools, materials and the use of my sewing machines to complete your project and take it with you at the end of your class.  You’re welcome to bring your own drinks and refreshments.

To book a class, click the thread icon above or  here.

Adult Learning Classes

Coming soon. Check back for updates.

Kids Sewing Classes

Coming soon. Check back for updates.